Saturday, March 5, 2011

Five Months Old

Little man,

Mommy is very behind posting this – you’ve been five months for a week now! I don’t have much of an excuse, except to say that this is a very busy and challenging stage for all of us right now. Nothing is wrong – you are just a very inquisitive, curious, and playful little boy. Unfortunately, you aren’t mobile yet, so it falls to us to make sure you have unrestricted access to your whole world!

It was a somewhat tough month. You managed to hit another growth spurt right on the tails of your four month growth spurt, and took me completely by surprise. All the sudden, you were demanding to eat every two hours through the night. I felt like I had a newborn again. I was tempted to start solids a little early, but I’m very proud to say that we rode it out, and you’re still nursing beautifully and exclusively. I look at you now, and can’t help but be proud at how big you’ve grown all on the nourishment I’ve been able to give you.

You still insist on looking just like your Daddy though

You have grown up so much in the last few weeks, both physically and emotionally. You’re already wearing some 6-9 month clothes, and just getting so TALL. The extra height has let you get more enjoyment out of your jumperoo, and you have a grand time jumping away in it (which Mommy greatly appreciates, as she can now use both hands to have lunch while you jump!). Of course, you also want to jump in everyone’s lap, so we’re all getting good arm muscles these days.

As you can tell, you've also discovered your voice. You LOVE hearing yourself scream!

Although you are requiring more entertainment, you’ve also started developing some independence. Just recently, you’ve taken to enjoying laying in your crib for short periods of time – usually just long enough for me to run to the bathroom or throw something in the laundry. You lay there and talk to your aquarium mobile and chew on your toes. It’s awful cute, and I frequently find myself spending those precious moments sneaking peeks at you instead of savoring the free time.

My favorite expression - you look just like a little old man who has taken his teeth out!
You and Gaunie showing how you practice using a cup. 
Speaking of toes, you are now fully enthralled with yours. If you are laying flat, they are in your mouth. I frequently catch you pulling your socks off by biting on them. Although it’s cheating to bring it up (since you just learned this in the last few days), I have to mention your newest trick – you’ve started giving kisses! You were jumping in my lap on Nana’s bed the other day, and you grabbed both my cheeks, and leaned in for the sweetest sugars I’ve ever gotten. I couldn’t believe it, but you quickly leaned in for more. Now you want to give everyone kisses all the time! It’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and no one can believe such a young baby is doing it. You sure are a little charmer.

Kisses for Mommy!

I’m also excited to report that you’ve finally started growing some hair on the top of your head. You’re still rocking your skullet, but you have the sweetest dusting of fuzz up top that I just can’t stop rubbing my cheeks over. When you were first born, you basically had no hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes. Although you were absolutely beautiful, you had a bit of a plucked chicken look. Now, although they are still fair, you have the longest, most curly eyelashes ever. Your eyebrows have even started growing in. Everywhere we go, total strangers stop to tell me how gorgeous you are.

Trying on the bonnet and booties one of Nana's friends made for you

You are just the biggest bundle of sweetness ever. You are all boy. You are all mama’s boy. I love you so much, sometimes it feels like my heart will explode with it all. Thank you, little one. Thank you for being mine.

To the moon… and back,


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