Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey Monster,

SIX MONTHS. I know I say this every month, but seriously – where has the time GONE? You are already half a year old. That blows my mind. You’ve been growing and changing so much these last few weeks that I feel like I’ll surely be packing you off to college tomorrow! Two weeks ago, in the span of five days, you learned to sit all by yourself, started eating solid foods, and went swimming in G & G’s hot tub. It was quite an exciting week for you!

The weather has been warm and beautiful here, so we heated up the hot tub, slapped on the sunscreen, and went for a short dip. You tolerated the float boat, but preferred for Mommy or Daddy to hold you while you kicked at the water. We had to cut our dip a little short when a cool wind picked up, but you bundled up in your towel and snuggled with Gaunie in the sunshine.


As far as solids, your hands down favorite is sweet potatoes. Whenever I serve them, you gobble them down and even make a dent in seconds. You rated bananas as acceptable, and took a pass on peas. That’s okay; we’ll try them again later. You have marvelous table manners – except when sweet potatoes are on the menu. When that yummy goodness is in front of you, all bets are off. You grab for the spoon, lunge for the next bite, and grunt and shriek if it takes “too long” for Mommy to scoop up the next spoonful. 

More please!
 Another milestone is that we officially left behind the pacifier. You were never really crazy about it, although it would help chill you out occasionally. Now, you act like we are attempting to poison you if we get the pacifier anywhere near you. You’ve been exploring the wonders of thumb and finger sucking, but haven’t really figured out how to use them for pacifying. Mommy would really appreciate it if you’d get that worked out soon, because until then, you’re pretty much using me as a human pacifier. So let’s work on that!

While working out the finger finding mission, we have also abandoned swaddling. We tossed out the Woombie, stocked up on footie pajamas, and got to sleeping like a big boy. You still wake yourself up sometimes without that snug swaddle you loved so much, but I finally realized I couldn’t hold on to swaddling anymore since you were rolling so well.

We have officially abandoned the bottle effort. You were never a bottle baby anyway (as the poor ladies in the church nursery learned when you screamed bloody murder when they tried to feed you), so we bought you a sippy cup. You mostly like it as a teether right now, but will drink out of it occasionally.  

Tomorrow is your six month checkup. I can’t wait to find out how much you weigh and how long you’ve gotten. None of us are looking forward to your next round of shots, but since your four month shots went easier than your two month, I’m hoping this round will be even easier (although I’m pretty sure they’re harder on Mommy and Daddy than on you). **Update - You are now 17.5 lbs and 26.5 inches long. Big boy! You also took your shots very bravely, and were mostly just mad at Mommy and Daddy for holding you down.**

It’s so funny. When you were born, I swore I could never love you more. But as you grow, so apparently does my heart. Every day you change a little, grow a lot, and I just love you more and more. You get cuter and more charming (which I also didn’t think was possible). You give the sweetest smiles and kisses. You demand everyone’s undivided attention (and have even learned how to fake cough to get it!).  You are master of all of our hearts.

Making a grab for the camera
I love the way you dissipate all my stress with a smile. I love the way you wake up from every nap completely discombobulated and annoyed, but happy and cheerful when you wake up in the morning. I love the way you try so hard to talk. 

Seriously, this is your 'trying to talk' face. SO CUTE!
I love the way you perk up while Daddy watches Wheel of Fortune, because you think the audience is clapping for you. I love when you smile so big that your eyes turn into upside down crescent moons like a cartoon character. 

I love when you cry and tiny, earnest tears streak down your sweet chubby cheeks. I love when you see your reflection and get so excited to “kiss the baby”. I love how you do everything full tilt - Including falling asleep mid-play!

I love how you light up as soon as I walk into your line of sight. I love the so funny expressions you make.


I love everything about you, little boy. I love you wider than the world, and I love you -

- to the moon… and back,


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  1. He is absolutely GORGEOUS! Happy Half Birthday Larkin. Glad he liked the water- and sweet potatoes! We need a playdate- soon!