Friday, March 11, 2011

Meeting Miss Maddie

I’ve known Jennifer most of my life, and I was thrilled when she called to tell me she was pregnant a few months after I found out I was expecting Larkin. It was so nice to have a close friend to share my pregnancy with, even though many miles separate us since Jennifer currently lives up in the snowy north.  We both had difficult pregnancies and complicated labors, but you’d never know it to see these beautiful babies of ours!


I’ve been waiting impatiently for Jenn to bring sweet Miss Maddie home to Texas since she was born two months ago. I couldn’t wait to see her sweet face in person. She is a beautiful little girl, and looks so much like her mama! She has the cutest habit of sticking her tongue out that I just can’t get enough of.

Apparently Larkin was entranced by her adorableness as well. We laid the babies out on a blanket and let them check each other out. Maddie did her part by playing hard to get, but Larkin made his move anyway. We looked down, and the two of them were holding hands just as sweet as can be! 

Jenn is a beautiful mommy, and it was amazing seeing her with that little girl who is the answer to so many prayers. It was also just wonderful catching up with my old friend, and letting our little ones get to know each other. I’m hoping Jenn and her husband can make their way back to Texas soon so that Larkin and Maddie can grow up together just like we did.

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