Thursday, February 10, 2011

Four Months Old

Little man,

Four months. I am astounded. Our time together is truly like the wind. Every moment is golden, because they just fly by. This letter may not be very long, because I have a feeling that (even though I just laid you down for bed) you will awaken soon. You greeted four months with a bang – first hitting that brutal growth spurt, and then coming down with your first cold. And it’s quite a doozy! Poor little guy. You are a major snot monster and your little coughs just shred mama’s heart. Then to top it off, you got two immunization shots today. Let’s just say you’re having a rough time of it.

But the doctor gave you two thumbs up other than the cold. You now weigh 15 lbs, and feel every ounce of it while I walk the floor with you. You’ve grown five whole inches since birth, and look like you’re going to have my long legs and big feet. Daddy was so proud to show the doctor how well you’re standing (with assistance!). Doctor was very impressed, and said you are developing beautifully. He even commented on that big, beautiful smile you’ve taken to flashing at everyone.

Lately, you’ve become a major mama’s boy. You’ll coo and smile at everyone who catches your eye, but you mostly only want me to hold you. You’re going to have to work on that, young man – you’re starting to hurt your daddy’s feelings! Of course, I don’t mind too much. You love to snuggle, but I’m already starting to see glimpses of the independent, on-the-run little boy you’re soon to become, so I’ll take all the love I can get before you’re far too busy for that stuff.

This has been a busy month for you. I started attending a ladies bible class on Tuesdays, and you’ve started going to the nursery at church. The first week, I waited every minute for the call that you needed me but it never came. When I went to pick you up, I heard you giggling and flirting from down the hall. The ladies were loathe to turn you over, exclaiming about that happy smile and sweet personality.

You’ve almost completely outgrown the pterodactyl shriek that has served as your laugh. Daddy has squeaked out a few true laughs from you, but I’m surprised by just how much I miss that squawk of pure joy.

Ah, how right I was. You just started crying in your crib so it’s snuggle time for now.

To the moon… and back,


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