Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Sweet boy,

When you were just a little bit, your favorite place to sleep was as close to Mommy as possible. Nap time, bed time, any time… we would snuggle up in bed or on the recliner and sleep soundly together. Recently though, you decided you didn’t want to sleep with Mommy. Any attempts (be they middle of the day or middle of the night) would be met with your insistence that if you were this close to Mommy, it had to be either snack time or play time.

Your first night home from the hospital!

You took to sleeping in your swing mostly, with some nights in your crib for a change of scenery. I missed our snuggles, and the ease and sweet sleepiness of half asleep nursing. I also missed the built in excuse for a midday nap! 

The past few weeks, though, you’ve started being willing to lie down beside me and drift off to sleep. We don’t sleep quite as snuggled as we used to, but it’s still so sweet – plus, it gives me the ability to sneak off during nap time if I need to get things done. Of course, you wake up pretty irate when you figure out I’ve wandered off, but you usually manage to forgive me pretty quick.

You’re starting to outsmart me, though. When we lie down and start to nurse, you’ve figured out I can’t sneak off as easily if you tangle yourself in me. So as soon as I lay next to you, you wrap one hand around the strap of my tank top. The other hand holds on to your food source so it can’t get away from you. Your top leg gets thrown over my waist, and your bottom foot curls its toes into my shirt. You’re like Velcro! I feel like Houdini when I manage to extract myself.

My favorite though, is when I have the time to just lay beside you. I love drifting off to sleep with you in arms reach, the smell of your sweet head in my nose. I adore the feel of your cool, dry hand holding mine. and the softness of your warm cheek as I kiss you (holding my breath lest an exhale wake you). And my heart swells when you reach out in your sleep, seeking to touch my arm, just to know I’m close. And the best part? Waking up to you, patting my face and grinning at me.

I sure do love you, little boy.

To the moon... and back,


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  1. This post made me cry- so sweet. I love the picture of newborn Larkin- he looks so teeny tiny