Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seven Months Old

Cheeky Little Monkey,

SEVEN MONTHS OLD. My goodness, how time flies. You are closer to a year old than you are to a newborn. That takes my breath away. It seems like overnight that you have transformed from a tiny, helpless little bit into the boisterous, adventurous boy that you are now. You've become so active that I can hardly keep up, and all that activity has slimmed your little cheeks down so much that you're starting to look more like a toddler than an infant. STOP THAT! You're breaking your mama's heart!

The biggest news this month is that last Sunday, you cut your first tooth. It hasn't come easy, but it hasn't been overly traumatic either. You mostly want to make sure mommy is close by at all times, and that seems to ease the pain. But you look like such a big boy with that little piece of white flashing in your big ol' smile. It's just too cute!

You're still working hard to become mobile. You've figured out how to get on your hands and knees from a sitting position, and even do a bit of rocking. If I put a toy at of reach, you just belly flop from there and grab it, then flip over as fast as possible. You still hate being on your belly! Your biggest trick has been scooting. You've figured out how to use your feet to push yourself all around the bed, which means we have to keep an extra careful eye on you because you are quick as lightning!

You are doing wonderful with solid food. You have a very adventurous palate, which makes me so happy. So far, you've tried beets, spinach, applesauce, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, mangoes, peas, zucchini, squash, pears, peaches, and the newest addition - pumpkin. You're so/so on green beans (I have to add some rice cereal to get you to eat it, then you do okay) and completely nixed peaches, but you gobble up everything else I throw at you.Your table manners, however, have deteriorated greatly and dinnertime has become quite messy.

I decided early on that I wanted to make your baby food, a decision that was reinforced when your pediatrician recommended we keep you gluten free like mommy until you're old enough to be tested for an intolerance. This last weekend while we were traveling, I found some gluten free pre-made baby food and brought it along. I was afraid you would prefer the smoother texture of the store stuff, but you wouldn't hardly touch it. That made me happy. You eat solids twice a day, at mid-morning (you are a baby who brunches!) and early evening. You mostly still consider it to be an interesting diversion though, and still prefer to nurse most of the time.

We have settled into somewhat of a schedule - not a strict one, and one that wouldn't work for many families, but works perfectly for us. You teased me earlier this month by going to bed early every night for awhile, but lately bedtime has been fluctuating again. You have started sleeping with the little stuffed monkey you got in your Easter basket, and you two look awful cute together.

You are still the happiest baby I've ever seen. You love people, and I frequently catch you chattering and grinning at the people behind us when we stand in line at the grocery store. Total strangers tell me that your smile has brightened their day, which swells my heart with joy. You are a beam of sunshine and you splash rainbows on everyone you meet. Even when you are feeling crummy from cutting a tooth, you still have grins to share. If I could have custom ordered a baby, I couldn't have created a better one myself.

You, little boy, are my sunshine.

To the moon... and back,



  1. Oh Sarah,your letters are beautiful. I know Larkin will treasure these when he's older. And you are right- your son melts hearts with that grin. I've never met a happier baby. He is just so CUTE- and even cuter with his awful table manners!

  2. adorable! I have 2 kids :-) Happy Sunday!