Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Months Old

Dear Larkin,

Yesterday, you turned three months old. I would have written this letter then, but we spent the entire afternoon snuggling and napping on the recliner. Your little body is going through so many changes right now, it’s just about worn you out. You are growing taller by the second. You’ve already gained eight inches in length, and doubled your birth weight. Everyone who meets you can’t believe you’re only three months old. You’re so long and solid and you have the most adorable little man face.

You are the most social, smiley baby I’ve ever seen. If you’re awake, you are cooing and laughing and looking around for someone to make eye contact with. You have the most beautiful smile – ear to ear and wide open and gummy. Every time you smile, I fall even deeper in love with you.

Cheeky little monkey!

You just recently discovered the most fascinating things in the world – your toes. We’ll be playing and you’ll catch sight of them and all the sudden I HAVE TO HAVE THEM I NEED TO TOUCH THEM OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY SO FAR AWAY?!? You then bend over as far as your little round belly will allow and try to grab at them. When I try to straighten you for breathing purposes, you scream furiously.

Last night you started to fall asleep in my arms, so I took you to the bedroom to change your diaper and ready you for bed. I took off your drooled over onesie (I suspect teething is imminent) and just kissed all over your little warm belly and cheeks while you grinned at me sleepily. I relish moments like that, because I suspect it won’t be much longer before you’re far too busy to let mama snuggle with you much.

You adore your daddy. He’ll look up from his computer where he’s working, and catch you staring at him. Once you catch his eye, I have to be ready, because you squeal at top volume, throw your arms out and toss yourself backwards in excitement, leaving me scrambling to catch you before you fall.

'Helping' me do the laundry, and wearing your Daddy's shirt from when he was a baby

Today, I realized the dreaded tummy time is probably a thing of the past. You have proved yourself completely proficient at rolling from tummy to back, and do so the second I place you down. With the way you love to jump on everyone’s lap, I’m beginning to wonder if you won’t walk before you crawl.

Every day I wake up to your beautiful smile and wonder where that tiny baby went. When we snuggle now, you no longer fit squarely in my arms. You are a bundle of fun and personality, and I enjoy every minute. You are my most amazing miracle.

To the moon… and back,


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