Friday, October 29, 2010

One Month Old

Sweet little man,

I am astounded that just one month ago, you weren’t even in our lives yet. I am amazed at how different the universe is now that you are in it. At just one month old, you are a bundle of fun and personality. You already have the sweetest little smirky grin that I just can’t get enough of.

Your favorite activities include sleeping on mama’s chest, bath time, and eating. It took us a little time to get the hang of nursing, but now you’re a champ! At first we had some concern because you kept losing weight. At your two week check up, you were down to 7 lbs, and had me very worried. Then, over the next week, you put on nearly two pounds, and we were in the clear! You’re still a lazy eater, so by the time you finish and I set the alarm for your next feeding, I usually have less than an hour to rest.

But oh my! How precious you are when you're sleeping!

Baby mine, I have so much I want to remember. Like the way you tuck your little legs in when you lay on my chest. Your daddy calls that your frog legs. The way the top of your head smells when I hold you close. The way you and daddy look all snuggled together on the couch. How I’m constantly amazed at how tiny your feet are – and how huge they are – all at once!

And those feet are never still. Oh, how I laugh when I see you make those kicks and head butts and think “THAT’S what you were doing in there!” My ribs still remember all those moves!

I want to drink you in, and record every second. Yet I never want to step away from the moment long enough to take a picture or write a memory. So just know that for every photo and every word, there are a million more missing. Missing because I chose to spend the moment living rather than recording. So perhaps I’ll forget some things, but hopefully I’ll never look back and realize I remember everything, but I missed too much.

Sigh. I realize I’m not making much sense, but you’ll have to excuse me. I’m a little sleep deprived!

I still look at you, and can’t believe you're mine. I can’t believe your daddy and I created something so absolutely beautiful. You are a miracle. You are a wonder. You are a joy.

And I just can't get enough!

To the moon… and back,


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