Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Bath

Early on in my pregnancy, I longed to feel those first tiny movement of my baby. Well, Larkin never really gave me those. I went from waiting (im)patiently, to getting full-on internal beatings pretty quick! The coolest part was during my bath time. I've always been a bath person, loving to lounge in the tub for as long as possible. It quickly became apparent that Larkin enjoyed bath time as well!

One night, shortly after I had started feeling those baby kicks, I got in the tub. Almost immediately, Larkin began kicking like mad. Suddenly, the water in the very full tub was splashing over onto the floor. It took a minute to register with me that the baby's kicks were actually causing the tidal waves!

After that, every bath time was a time of mutual enjoyment between myself and baby. I'd just lay and float and dream, and he'd send shock waves through the water to let me know he was there, and safe and happy.

Last night, Larkin got his first bath at home. Although the nurses reported that he was utterly unimpressed with his baths in the hospital, he seemed to enjoy his little rinse down here. Daddy had to do the duty, because I was pretty nervous about handling such a tiny, slippery bundle!

I'm looking forward to REAL baths, but it was fun. Plus, is there anything better than the scent of a baby after a bath? After bath time, I gave Larkin a little baby massage, snuggled him up in his nightie, we read a book and said our prayers, then he fell fast asleep in his swing.

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