Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Memories

There are days I wish he would remember. I see a beautiful moment, a perfect day, and I wish that he would have this day and be able to look back on it. I try to take pictures, but no matter how expensive my camera is, it can’t capture the true joy of a wonderful day.

There is so much the camera misses:

The sweet, beachy scent of the thick sunscreen that coats our faces white and brings back memories of my own childhood.

The giggles at a baby wetsuit, ten lbs of sunscreen, a sun hat AND determination to stay shaded as we realize I’ve become one of *those* moms.

A nervous expression as we step into the big pool.

A slight kick of the feet, then excited, happy kicks as he realizes he can’t touch bottom.

Blowing raspberries on the bright yellow floatie.

Giggles turning into hysterical laughter as he watches his daddy splash around like crazy, exclusively for his enjoyment.

Holding on tight to mommy’s hand when the waves make him nervous.

The wonderment in his eyes as he touches the rocks of the waterfall, and watches the water flow crystal clear over his hands.

The smell of barbeque on the grill, and the sight of daddy manning the flames skillfully.

How the warmth of the sun stays on the skin, even as the evening air begins to cool.

Sleepy eyes.

Quietly reclining in the tub, while mama soaps the sunscreen and chlorine off his little body.

Falling asleep, snuggled warm next to mommy, and still feeling the rise and fall of phantom waves.

Sweet baby, I wish you would be able to look back on these days of your very first summer. I wish the memories would stay with you as you grow, like snapshots of your babyhood. These hot days spent splashing and discovering that you are our little water baby have been so much fun. But even though you may not remember – I will never forget!

Happy first summer, little man.